Being the leader of air-conditioner components in the world, Man Zai offers quality products and comprehensive production lines including condensers, evaporators and heater cores. Our heat dissipation products have attained 80% market share of most popular auto models. Man Zai has overall control of self-manufactured products from QC to delivery; requirements of customers, whether those of the OEM or of different levels in the maintenance market, can be fully satisfied with services offered by Man Zai.


The auto industry in Taiwan was prospering in the 80s. With the belief of vertical integration in the industry effective exploration of the know-how in processing aluminum alloy, Man Zai Industrial Co. Ltd., founded in 1984, engaged itself in exclusively manufacturing condensers and evaporators for automobiles. Successful penetration into automakers’ supply chain was accomplished in the beginning of 1990, with products successively supplying to condenser, evaporator and heater core product lines of major automakers including Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and etc.

In addition to supplying genuine parts, deployments were made for taking over After Markets (AM). In 1992, Man Zai was successfully penetration the OES market of North America, being the OES supplier of Modine and Valeo. Furthermore, we entered the collision repair market of North America in 1998, through a strategic alliance, and set foot into the EU AM market in 1999, we becoming a mainstream supplier of the marketplace.

Man Zai believes in its founder’s business philosophy - Innovation, Agility, Quality, Pragmatism. We would like to foundation in Taiwan for sustained business and also focus our eyes on the world.