Magnet Marelli


Magnet Marelli  and Calsonic Kansei were united under the worldwide brand of MARELLI to compete in a new level globally. Calsonic Kansei is a manufacturer that was built for over 80 years and has a leading reputation for its manufacturing excellence. Based in Japan, Marelli has grown its operations across Asia and Europe to become a key player in the field of interior experience, climate control systems, heat exchange, and compressors.

Founded in the 1900’s, Magneti Marelli became known as a pioneer within the motor industry for its contribution towards smart and sustainable mobility. During its 100-year history, it served customers from its base in Italy, growing operations across Europe, North and South America, India and China to become a leading player in the field of Lighting, Electronics, Powertrain and Motorsport.

n 2019, MARELLI was officially formed. The union of these two industrial giants was recognized as bringing together outstanding industrial expertise and unique heritage. Not only were the two companies highly complementary in terms of their combined product lines, but also the geographic footprint. The formation of Marelli presented a union of quality and innovation, to create a new global player.