Abhishek maharjan @ 2022-02-03 10:49:56 +1100

The Valeo brand has been in the automotive business for over 90 years and is a major OEM supplier to European car makers. Starting with brakes and then clutches, Valeo has expanded over the years into nearly every component system on the modern car. Through its extensive R&D program in electronics and lighting to its innovations in the latest technologies of lighting, parking assistance and powertrain control, Valeo is a leading force in the automobile world.

Valeo is a radiator supplier for both aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers. The company takes price in its excellence in quality, design, production delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction through innovative automotive products. Valeo auto parts catalog also includes a wide range of systems like thermal, electrical, lighting, transmission, and automotive wipers.

VALEO VHP Radiators are developed for internal combustion, engines, hybrid and electric vehicles. The main goal of this very product is to improve the cooling performance of every vehicle where it is applied while reducing energy consumption. Valeo Radiators are sure to be a perfect fit for many vehicles makes today such as Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen models.

Features and advantages of Valeo Radiators:

  • Made by a leading engine cooling manufacturers worldwide
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Engine compactness
  • Original quality products
  • Available in the aftermarket as well
  • User friend components
  • Experience manufacturer for major car makes
  • Quality control units and performance tested according to carmakers’ standards
  • An innovative solution to reduce fuel consumption, NOx, and CO2 emission